Featured Student of the Month
december 2017

Jackson Moses

Without question, Jackson is one of our stars of the future. He did not miss a lesson all month. He worked incredibly hard on his own, doing his drills religiously. His biggest challenge was accuracy. Two weeks ago we took a test. He threw two rounds of 15 pitches. In the first round, he threw 13 out of 15 strikes. In the second round he threw 11 out of 15 strikes. That’s 24 out of 30 strikes (80% strike to ball ratio), all done going hard! In other words, as a rule of biomechanics, there is no slowing up. It’s GO HARD or GO HOME. So, he was not going slow just to throw strikes. His improvement has been astounding. We could not be more proud of this young man. Congratulations, Jackson! You truly earned this honor!