Baseball Velocity Program

By August 1, 2017Events

The National School of Baseball and Softball, in conjunction with Tier 1 Athletic Performance, is proud to announce its Biomechanics Pitching Velocity Program.

Join us for 20 possible sessions – twice a week for 10 weeks (makeup dates available). Sessions are 90 minutes long.

When: Week of September 11 – November 18

Who: Small groups of six or less based on age. Pitchers 8 years and older welcome.

Where: Our new home of course! 23810 W. Industrial Drive Plainfield, IL

Price: $899 – averages $44.95 per session

Special Offerings:


  • Dynamic biomechanics to maximize accuracy & velocity
  • Physical Training & Nutrition by Expert Certified Insured Trainers
  • Mental Toughness

How it Works:

3  Phases:

  1. Intense biomechanics warm-ups and drills (Coach Pete)                                             25 minutes
  2. Biomechanics Physical Training and Nutrition: Pitcher Strong (Tier One)              45 minutes
  3. Creation of Optimum Accuracy and Optimum Velocity (Coach Pete)                        20 minutes

Strength, Power, Endurance, Balance, Flexibility in all the right parts of the body to create: Optimum Accuracy and Optimum Velocity

Educate, Demonstrate, Motive, Create = DOMINANT LONGEVITY