Featured Student of the Month
april 2018

Liam Heggemann

Liam has been with the NSoBS for three seasons. His transformation has been nothing short of astounding. He has masterful control and a great arsenal of pitches that all move. However, his challenge has been velocity. He was told by his coach at Montini Catholic HS that in order for him to pitch more often he needed to hit 80mph. For the past two seasons that has been his goal. He has flirted with it on numerous occasions, falling just short. Over a year ago, he was told by another instructor that the only one who could get him there was this other instructor. Liam did not believe him. His faith in me was unwavering, which I will be forever grateful for. A few months ago, we made a major tweak. Liam took to it instantly and felt the difference. So, he worked and worked and worked. Finally, this past week Liam hit 80mph during one of his last appearances! I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of this young man! Proves without a shadow of a doubt that hard work pays off. Liam will be attending St. Mary’s, a Division 1 college, in California next year. He was told if he hit 80, he could play on the Club Team. He has done that. He was also told if he hit 85, he would be put on the regular team roster. Guess what his next goal is! Congratulations, Liam! #proudcoach