The National School of Baseball pushes for Softball

By July 30, 2016Articles
Softball Player

The National School of Baseball and Softball is just that – a school of instruction for both baseball and softball. Formerly more associated with baseball, the school has made a recent push toward softball players. Similar skills are taught in both sports including pitching, catching, hitting, and throwing. However, pitching is the most requested type of lesson for either.

Owner and Head Instructor Pete Cimino knows the difficulty that is softball pitching, but he has confidence in the school’s ability to teach its students.

“Fast-pitch softball is by far one of the most difficult positions to learn. I personally think it’s harder than baseball pitching. Even after all these years, I still cannot comprehend how it works. It simply amazes me,” Coach Pete said.

Even though it may be a difficult feat, the school has the right tools and right coaches to help students be successful. Coach Pete is joined at the school by Head Softball Instructor, Andrea Harte. Coach Andrea is very qualified and capable of helping players succeed. She was an all-conference pitcher in both high school and college. She is extremely talented in the sport and very knowledgeable about the game.

Having Coach Andrea as a softball instructor sets the National School of Baseball and Softball apart from other places of instruction. She has shown she is effective on the field, and she is also a phenomenal teacher. Coach Andrea connects well with the students because she is patient and can relate to them. She teaches through a step-by-step approach and has helped so many players improve. Not only is Coach Andrea a fantastic pitcher, she was also a catcher. Coach Andrea instructs both softball and baseball players in catching.

The school offers these softball lessons in a variety of forms. Students can receive one-on-one instruction or learn together in small groups of 3-4. Because softball pitching is so complicated to learn, most students taken lessons individually. However, it has been scientifically proven that players learn more when in a small group setting. Students learn from each other, building comradery and creating competition to push each other.

This idea of watching and learning from others is called “Sandlot Learning,” our niche at the National School of Baseball and Softball. Parents and students alike are continually amazed at the results of our strategy for instruction.

The school continues to grow every day, and it is Coach Pete and Coach Andrea’s goal to make softball a large part of this growth. So many success stories have resulted from lessons at the National School of Baseball and Softball. Check out the testimonials page on our website for some examples.

In order to reach a wider audience about our softball lessons, we will be traveling to local softball games to pass out information and contacting organizations who need assistance. We are extremely confident that both our softball and baseball program can be a success. If you are interested in learning more about our softball services, please go to our contact page for ways to reach us.