Our Team

The National School of Baseball is an innovative concept of teaching, instructing, and training for the game of baseball and softball. We use the best and most modern information and drills available that are safe, injury preventive and create proper mechanics in all phases of the game.

Our methods are scientifically proven to work — example Biomechanics (The laws of physics applied to the human body.)

We believe in continued education and certifications in coaching — our accreditations will continue to grow as we grow as a company.

Our staff has over 100 combined years of baseball and softball experience and over 45 combined years of coaching & mentoring experience. We all have an unbridled passion for the game and possess a natural born ability to coach/teach/mentor effectively. We love doing it, and always have fun!

We at the NSoB “Dare to be Different.”
We consider our program, and approach. to be unique, which is exactly what we strive to be.
What makes us unique?

  • School room classes
  • Small groups of 4-6 players at a time for lessons
  • The instructors/teachers are the owners
  • Science Proven Methods
  • Biomechanics
  • Sandlot Learning
  • Cross specific drills
  • Tolerance Based Training
  • Perfect Repetition Tracking For Results: 1,000 reps/10,000 reps/10,000 hours
  • Authenticity
  • Psychology of the game
  • Sportsmanship
  • Camaraderie
  • Student’s rights
  • Two-way Commitment
  • Two-way communication
  • Humor
  • Honest feedback
  • Life skills
  • Parent participation &encouragement


NSoB Player’s Bill of Rights

Players have the right to objective, science-based information and instruction.
Players have the right to authentic, patient, caring, unconditional coaching
Players have the right to a positive sports/life skills learning experience
Players have the right to health first preparation, competition and recovery
– this is how we train
Players have the right to ask questions and receive truthful answers
Players have the right to have fun

November 7, 2014


NsoB’s Coach’s Beliefs

Players are born with the need to learn
Players seek experiences that build self-esteem
Optimism enhances a player’s performance and learning
Diversity is the key to a player’s learning and growth
Players learn best when their entire support system is part of the process
Winning at any cost is not healthy for a player, a coach or a team
Majority of Players learn better as part of a team than they do as individuals: Socialization today among our youth is at an all-time low.
Leadership and great coaching is a reflection of who you are and more important than the tactics one chooses.
You cannot just motivate players; you must create an environment where motivated players can excel.

NSoB Coach’s Core Values

Honesty – tell the truth, even when it’s difficult
Trust – Choose to trust, even before trust is earned
Mutual Respect – Treat players with respect and require all athletes and parents to do the same.
Excellence – Strive for excellence with everything in the program
Responsibility – Believe that all athletes must be responsible for their own development
Teamwork – Learning is accelerated when players put the team’s goals first
Passion – Make sure everyone involved with the team is as passionate at the end of the day as they are at the beginning of the day.
Three “I”s: Inform, Instruct & Inspire

NSoB Coach’s Goals

To become the most trusted source for information related to the development of players
To disseminate knowledge regardless of the socio-economic and cultural differences that we may all share.
To facilitate dialogue among all coaches that will help eliminate ineffective unfounded information and instruction.
To stimulate greater passion for the game of baseball
To act as positive role models for young athletes
To coach unconditionally, believing that the Players’ Bill of Rights will lead to more positive and encouraging experiences for players of all abilities
To participate in an education process that will lead to the elimination or desire of performance enhancing drugs in baseball
To help players, coaches, and parents develop more optimistic and positive team environments which makes Baseball FUN.
To help young athletes make choices that will help them become more effective leaders on and off the field.

Repetition Philosophies

I have been asked many times:

“What pitching philosophy do you use?”
“What hitting philosophy do you use?”
“What coaching methods & philosophies do you use?”

My first answer is this:

It takes 1,000 perfect repetitions to create or break a habit
It takes 10,000 perfect repetitions for something to become automatic – wired into muscle memory
It takes 10,000 hours of perfect repetitious work in order to give yourself a chance to make it to the majors.
Our overall philosophy is “PERFECT REPETITIONS”.
Repetitions create muscle memory, which makes mechanics and techniques automatic, which in turn makes you a better player.
In other words, the player must be committed to working their tail off in order to be the best player they can be: 250-400 perfect repetitions per day.

November 6, 2014

Our Guarantee:

“If the player is passionate, remains committed to the process, works hard, does repetitions outside of the lessons he/she will not only be the best prepared player on the field, they will be the best player that their physical abilities allow them to be. ”

Passion + Commitment + Hard Work + Fun = Excellence