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What Makes Us Unique

  • We offer an all-inclusive package that includes: team practices, expert/elite individual lessons in all phases of the game, game situation classroom sessions, team-building activities, physical training, nutrition, use of our facility, 3 full uniforms, apparel, bags, helmets, and much more.

  • All coaches are instructors / teachers of the game first.  We are putting the “teaching” back into “coaching.”

  • We do not use any kind of physical activity as punishment. We do not demean, degrade, embarrass or scream at our players for any reason.

  • The pillar of our teams is the same as our organization: to turn each player into the best player they can possibly be and the best prepared player on the field both physically and mentally.

  • We not only create better players, we create better human beings and citizens.

  • We are not a “win at all costs” organization. The development of the players comes first.

  • Playing for our team is not a job! It is FUN. We do not burn our players out.

  • We live our organization motto every day: Educate, Demonstrate, Motivate, Create



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Girls Fast Pitch 16U Travel Team Roster

Girls Fast Pitch 16U Travel Team Roster

Cassi Dudlo9
Nikki Feilinger18
Anna Petrella8
Autumn Nelson1
Ariana Rodriquez7
Jayla Stampley21
Haylee Stipe3
Caroline White38
Caitlin Henderson40
Adriana Avino24
Alyssa AvinoHead Coach
Cameron WickerAssistant Coach
Danielle HubbardAssistant Coach
Sarah BurkeHead Instructor
Peter CiminoGeneral Manager